What makes Node.js so fast?


Node.js take out the web world & application development by emerging the environment of development. There are various factors at play due to which Node.js web development become so popular. For starters, it seems to be a huge active community & it also has an easier learning curve. This is the reason why many big names such as LinkedIn, PayPal & Uber are also using or praising the framework for its attractive performances.

What makes Node.js so fast?

The main thing that comes to everyone’s mind about the execution speed of Node.js. Execution speed means Fibonacci sequence range and its calculation in order to querying database. In a web-services context, speed of execution includes everything that seems to be required or request processing & to send a client response. It is the time spent on request of processing that begins with opening the connection & ends when the response can be received by the clients. Some most common points that are related to Node.js can be defined as:

Ø Node.js seems to be single-threaded & asynchronous. It means that all the operations of input-output don’t block other operations. It can also be stated that you can easily send emails, read files, database & query all at a similar time.

Ø Node.js included the virtual machine is mainly responsible for JavaScript execution which consists of a compilation of JIT. This virtual machine can take out the source code in order to compile into runtime machine code.

Ø Every request to web-server will not create a separate process of Node.js. Along with it, a single Node.js process can be run at a time to appropriate connections. Code of JavaScript can be executed in the main thread process whereas I/O operations can be executed in different threats.

Latest 5 use cases for Node.js

cases for Node.js

Apart from this concept that Node.js has various features that developers can leverage with various types of use cases. These 5 uses cases can be defined as:

1. Chat

Chat application seems to be the most common example of a real-time application that can be used by many users. Chat application seems to be one of the best uses cases of Node.js as it has various features such as high traffic, lightweight application & data-inverse that can run across various distributed devices.

2. Server-side proxy

A third-party proxy can cause chaos in web based applications. There are many standard servers of the third party such as HA Proxy & Nginx seems to be unable in order to manage various requests at a particular time. Node.js can emerge as saviours and can be employed as a proxy of server-side that can be managed with a massive amount of connections.

The best example for Node.js in this BBC news. The BBC news for website communications along with multiple servers of third-party is common & also collects the data from sources. You can also use this technology for infrastructure proxying which is non-existent and also provide solutions for local development. It also means that you can also develop an application for the client-side using the development server of Node.js for assets along with stunning API requests. You can also manage such sorts of interactions.

3. Video streaming

Video stream web server command

Streaming seems to be defined as sending lots of data within small packages instead of a single batch. This technology is an appropriate choice to develop the application of video streaming. This seems to be best suitable for in-built modules that can support video streaming. Along with it, this will also create both readable and writable data streaming. Node.js also permits a developer to files process during the upload process.

The most common example of this is Netflix which seems to be the biggest streaming service that can be used in approx 190 countries. The Overall Netflix user-interface is developed on the latest technology of Node.js. It worked as different stacks layers. The key objective behind Netflix’s team to develop the app with Node.js is to attain a lightweight application that can easily render high performance. It provides some results that can be defined as:

A. Permits user customization

B. Enhance the performance

C. Reduced the build times

4. Highly scalable applications

Node.js becomes a very popular and first choice for various applications & platforms that witness the consistent consumer base surge. There are various applications such as Uber, LinkedIn, Wal-Mart, PayPal, etc., as it permits seamless scalability. The technology of cutting-edge Node.js has various features which also include Cluster modules. It permits you to load balancing over CPU cores which make the delivery simple to the desired outcomes via using small-small modules.

This will also give a fast track to the development; maintenance & deployment of every application component with defining the allocation task effectively. Along with this technology, the modern development of applications seems to be scale up or down according to the requirement. This will also help app development company to attain high performance with fewer resources.

5. Real-time applications

Real-time application for Node.js seems to be the best use case that shines. It is important mainly because of three factors which can be defined as:

· Easily get cope up with various client requests

· Node.js permits the sharing & reusing of packages of Node.js that can be used to store out library codes.

· It permits the data to sync very fast between client & server.

A. Proxy server: For intermediary admin’s, Node.js is the appropriate option. Developers have to add 20 line codes for use out the Node.js server for a proxy server. After this process, your application will become an ideal fit for data streaming.

B. Event-based server: Applications based on a real-time deal with a huge amount of users related to real-time. Hence, Node.js seems to be an appropriate option that mainly depends on the server of the event-driven ad also helps in non-blocking type functioning.

C. Data sync: Developer of Node.js leverages with the feature of non-blocking Input/output. It also permits rapid data transmission between server & client.

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In bottom line

Real time application

Technology Noede.js can prove itself to be a savoir for several developers & enterprises along with providing fast speed for execution. There is a number of companies which has been leverage Node.js property to generate benefits for their business. As we already discussed the latest five use cases related to Node.js. We at Mtoag technologies have experienced or skilled developers for Node.js who proved themselves by delivering various applications in real-time. If you are looking to develop real-time mobile applications then you can hire our developers of Node.js.

Mtoag is a mobile app development company. We have a extensive history of designing and developing amazing experiences for iOS, Android, Web app development.

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