The most comprehensive guide to beacon installation & maintenance

Ibeacon development

Beacons can be defined as the Bluetooth Low Energy devices which have to be poll nearby different smart devices. It seems to be location-based devices. Hence, they seem to be the low operating devices which polling operations continuously without consume a high amount of energy. This can be useful for retrieves the ID of devices. It means that retailers target several offers for a person with a system of real time tracking.

Installation of Beacon

Installation of Beacon

Develop iBeacon app seems to be perfect as it takes a different test run in real-time with customers before establishing a retail beacon installation.

1. Plot Beacons on a plan of the floor

Initiate with the retail plan for floor establishment & on the circle where users want to locate beacons. A unique plan will cover the overall floor in a limited set of devices without forming a dead type zone. A typical BLE is mainly of the range of 10m in overall open space. This range can be varying as per the barriers among devices or beacon.

2. Beacons installing

After plotting the appropriate beacons for the floor plan, there is a requirement for beacons installation on locations. Invite friends with using Smartphone’s & also ask them to evaluate the dead zone and report them accordingly.

3. Runout trial version

Smartphone’s user starts getting notice the beacons. To evaluate and boost sales, there is a requirement to run exclusive offers for beacons.

Why BLE & Beacons app development becomes more popular?

A. Application: BLE seems to be part of the Smartphone since the time of Bluetooth 4.0.

B. Cost: This technology is approx 60–80 percent cheaper than other standards.

C. Consumption of power: The AA battery backup for the average beacon is for 2 years.

IBeacon versus Eddystone

IBeacon versus Eddystone

Eddystone & iBeacon both are known as protocols of communication. It can also be seen that beacons send out through Bluetooth signals at specific intervals & protocols of communication describe appropriate format which helps in making out specific signals.

Maintenance of Beacon

The major or main reason behind beacons’ popularity is the maintenance cost. A beacon with AA battery pair constantly transmits the radio waves can last up to 5 years. The battery life of 5 years is impossible to achieve in applications of real-time. The battery life is mainly dependent on two different factors:

How frequent?

The signal frequency mainly affects the life of the battery. If the frequency is lower, then the life of the battery will be longer. Although, there are many benefits of higher frequency which can be defined as:

a. The accurate extent of distance

b. Fast or stable experience to the user

c. Better or effective feedback’s on the user’s location

How far?

User app

A strong signal means beacons that can cover a large area. It means that beacons can detect the devices at a long distance & has been more resistant to the obstacles. Hence, typical type tradeoffs seem to be consuming high power & hence depletion of battery is fast.

Ongoing maintenance

During running & up, devices infrastructure needs continuous maintenance in order to make sure that everything is going well. Typical tasks for beacons maintenance are defined as:

a. Update of firmware

b. Physical inspections for beacons

c. Monitoring of battery

In nutshell

The maintenance magnitude involves the requirement of different factors: scalability of original design’s, beacons counting & beacons installation. The maintenance, deployment & development of any appropriate solution mainly related to beacons are interwoven & association which becomes ostensible with challenges of retail deployments on an as large scale. Mtoag helps you in providing the perfect solution for beacons installation. we offer end-to-end solutions which also include the planning. Maintenance, deployment & testing in order custom mobile app development firm.

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