How to make Dating App like Grindr

Grindr seems to be the most common app of gay dating which can be used by the men at a global level. By using the Grindr app, people can find new friends, casual hook-up & relationships. Users can find lots of friend’s options & also changed the way to find the partners. Unlike Tinder, there is no option of swiping and users have full control over the activities & also offer various options.

Hence, if you want to launch a new app for gay dating then some effective features have to be developing in the app & ensure that your app provides a great experience to the user who is involved with this.

Statistics of the online industry of dating app

1. Approx 60% of the users are men who use dating apps.

2. Approx 49 million Americans tried to come online for dating.

3. In the USA, 2 out of 5 heterosexual couples meet online & there percentage ratio is continues goes increases.

4. As per the study, it has been noticed that using the dating apps marriages become stronger.

Consider five important features for the development of Gay dating app

There is a requirement of 5 effective features of the Grindr app to develop the top dating apps using effective technologies. These 5 features are discussed below:

  1. Messaging features
Messaging Features

The main feature of a dating app is messaging which is similar to the regular using online apps for text. These apps also permit the user through which can check the message has been read by the receiver or not even they can also check their typing. Users can send the messages, Google maps location, phrases, images & videos in real-time.

Phrases are seemed to be the unique feature of the Grindr app. In this, the user can write or save the phrases whatever they want to be. Afterward, they won’t have to type the phrases again; they just have to copy it and then send it. There are three categories of messages such as read, unread & favorites. Users have permission to send the messages to guy from feed but it should not be against the rules. Users are allowed to report or block the person anytime if they want to feed them. This will allow safe dating & provide the best control to users.

2. Search along with filters

The best feature of the development of the gay dating app searches as per the filters; this will permit the user to look at the new profiles by applying different filters as per the desire which ensures about the perfect match. The Grindr app provides various filters that can be applied to guy feed customization in the app. This will permit the user to decline an age limit through which they can find the perfect match as per the age. Another category of this app is tribes, which include a number of categories of tribes like types of body, sexual health, and many more.

3. Block people & favorite people

Block people & favorite people

Grindr provides the option to add the like personalities to the favourite list in which the person seems to be interested. This will also ensure the users that they will not lose the profile access and also start the conversation whenever they want. If someone likes the users then they will not get the particular notification but there is only the option to add them as a favourite.

The users of Grindr also have the option to block the users if they don’t want to talk to them. This will also help the users to maintain a secure environment on the development of the gay dating app. Consultants suggest adding the option of like, unlike, interested, favourite, and many more to the app development of gay dating.

4. Group chat

Group Chat

Developers design the seven useful options for the gay dating app which looks like dates, chat, networking, friends, right now, specified, not specified, chat. As per this similarity, your app provides the option to users to do the group chat through which they are connected with the people in the group whom they want to talk to. The feature of in-app messaging seems to be the most useful feature of the gay dating app.

5. Grid View

Unlike Tinder, the dating app of Grindr for gays has its unique profile. It has not the normal feature of swipe left or right. Instead of this, users can the first login to the app which shows around 32 different grids profile. Each row is characterized in 3 profiles & users can tap on different images through which they can check out the profiles of users in which they are interested.

Grid View

This will also be used to show the users that they are online or offline. Along with this, they can also check the status in real-time by using GPS as well as the location of a particular person. There is a list that can be listed in form of distance from top to bottom. According to the consultant of a dating app, this seems to be a very unique or additive feature because this permits the users to avoid and reject the profiles if they don’t like it.

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Summing up

Hence, after looking out the features of the gay dating app like Grindr, if you have any rough idea then you must have solutions that provide to the users of dating app and you also have the idea like a tinder app to attract the users. The segment of the dating app generated $555 million in revenue in 2018.

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