FaceApp alternative 2020: 7 Best face changing apps

Face app viral wave comes up with alternatives to face app for the app world. With proper guidance of the expert for the app of photo editing app, developers can design the best app and it has been seen that there are 7 best apps for face app in 2020.

Introduction to Face app

Face app seems to be an app of photo editing which is available for the two platforms of an operating system which is iOS & Android. This is mainly developed by a wireless laboratory from Russia. This app can be known for generating a huge amount of realistic transformation of humans in photographs which can be used by neural networks based on AI technology.

7 best Face app alternatives to develop the app of photo editing

1. Face Swap Live

This app is a New York-based photo editing app similar to the Face app which permits the users to swipe their faces with their friends at real-time moments. User can also swap their faces with record photos, videos & celebrities. This app can switch out the live face right from the video feed of the camera. Hence, there is no requirement for static or statuary photos. This app was ranked as the 2nd position in good selling paid app in the year 2016 over the app store.


v This app exists with a mode of mast costume where a number of users can pick out and select the glasses, hat, or beard to look different hilarious.

v 3D filters & photos are mainly available in this app through which a user can edit their pics as depending on their professional.

2. Cupace

This app of photo editing is mainly for the cut-down and pastes the photos. In this, the user can create funny photos, memes; along with swap the faces in the photo app. Photos can be decorated or designed with emojis, text & in-built stickers. This app is capable of manual extraction faces from images in case if a user wants to swap the face or add an inanimate object.

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v The same photo can easily be posted several times and also reuse at a number of times.

v It works on the single or easier algorithm of cut & pastes the user’s face. This app also permits the user to magnify the image and set the face cut as per their desire.

3. InkHunter

The idea of the app of InkHunter was originated in July 2014 during the hackathon 48 hours. This can be designed by Ukraine based software engineers. This app helps the user to take a snap of the AR tattoos & also give new ideas before ink. This alternative of Face app has sketches based on a diverse library & users can easily upload the new artistic design.


v This app has effective features such as adaptive uploaded of customer sketch, has the ability to remove the sketches along with having a tattoo search features.

v This app portrays the tattoo on different body parts from various angles.

v This feature uses the advanced photo editor through which the image seems to be real.

4. Aging Booth

Most people think about this aspect that how they will look when they will get old. This app was designed in the 2010 year. In the current situation, this app on the App store maintains the 2nd rank & 50th rank in the list of Google play store. As based on the data of Sensor tower, this app of aging can be downloaded by the 2.2 million times on iOS only within the last few days.


v This app helps in auto-crops the photo by using the detection of face & permits the user to select the face from a similar type of photos.

v This app can also be used for transforming the face instantly which works without the network.

v In this app, photos can be shared on different apps like Twitter, Facebook via MMS, or email.

5. Oldify

The Oldify app is listed from the apps series of Apptly. The company mainly develops this app for photo & video editing by using augmented reality technology through which the people face will look older, also add the mustache on the face, and transform the face in a vampire look and many more.


v It works on the mathematical algorithms which can be highly optimized in order to achieve the stellar performance for modern & legacy.

v This app helps to transform the appearance of a user in real-time along with filters of live video such as astronaut, panda & Zombie.

v Using the technology of augmented reality, a filter of subtle such as make out beard face, & tiger mask is in trend.

6. Meitu

This app was originated from China and has 1 million subscribers. This app exists with the design of UI/UX with having the excellent option of filters that provide real-time beautification to photos. Users can customize the body features & having the features of Snapchat.


v This app is patent for the technology of M-Face recognition which can check out the face detail in a precise manner.

v This app is designed with using the AI technology and helps in detecting the facial features along with adding the cute stickers to the selfie face.

7. Genis

Everyone has their digital identity in the present world. This app was originated from California and seems to be the Snapchat’s competitors having common bitmoji. There are approx 1 million people are engaged with this app and can create digital customized for them.


  • The company can detect out the 180 dimensions for mood swings & human expression via digital simulacrums.

Summing up

The photo editing app transforms the world after Face app development. The effective technologies along with algorithms can be used to provide smooth transformation to the face of users. If you want to create a new photo editing app, then you need a skilled or well expert mobile application development firm like us. So, contact Mtoag technologies for any assistance at any time.

Mtoag is a mobile app development company. We have a extensive history of designing and developing amazing experiences for iOS, Android, Web app development.

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